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Things to Know About Teeth Whitening in Glendora

What services does your Family Dentist offer? Categories of dental procedures include preventive, diagnostic, basic, and major services. Preventive and diagnostic offerings cover X-rays, teeth cleaning, oral examinations, and topical fluoride treatments. Basic treatments include endodontics (root canals), periodontics (treatment for gum disease), and prothodontics (repair of existing bridges and dentures). Major services include oral surgery, dental implants, crowns and gold restorations. One of the most popular procedures is Teeth Whitening in Glendora.

Cosmetic dentistry is a fast growing dental specialty. Procedures for Teeth Whitening in Glendora have tripled over the past few years. Even though teeth darken naturally with age, most folks want to fight the clock and do what is necessary to have a bright white movie star smile. Besides age, other factors contribute to the darkening of the teeth such as consumption of dark foods (blueberries, black berries) and beverages (tea, coffee, soda), genetics, smoking, trauma, and certain antibiotics (tetracycline).

Although you can purchase whitening kits for at home treatments, it is better to let your dentist perform Teeth Whitening in Glendora. Your gums must be protected by a barrier before the whitening solution is applied. If the bleach solution gets on your gums, they become burned and blistered. At the point of contact the gums turn white and the surface of the gum peels or sloughs off. This can be painful but will cause no permanent damage. That is why many experts suggest having your teeth whitened by a dentist instead of at home with an OTC kit.

Your dentist or a specially trained dental technician can properly apply the gum barrier before applying the peroxide gel to coat the teeth. The gel may be left on for up to 60 minutes before it is removed. When the procedure is over, you will be told about the foods and beverages you should avoid for the next day. After a whitening procedure, the enamel pores are still open, so they need time to close. Avoiding foods like blueberries and black tea for 24 hours will help avoid additional staining.

Some dentists have coupons and special package deals you can take advantage of. For example, you may find a coupon for money off a teeth whitening procedure which can help a lot in these uncertain financial times.

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