Things to Consider When Choosing Cremation Companies in Fairfield, OH

More people are becoming open to the idea of cremation instead of a more traditional burial. While using Cremation Companies in Fairfield OH can be a lot less expensive than a traditional burial, this isn’t always the case. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing cremation.

Type of Service

Even when cremation is chosen, many families still want to hold some type of service in remembrance of the deceased. It’s possible to hold a traditional funeral (with or without a viewing) and have the cremation after, but this will cost more as the body will need to be preserved and prepared, or there can be a memorial service after cremation with the ashes being interred or scattered after the service if desired. The longer a body needs to be held before cremation, the more expensive it will be, and if there’s a body at the funeral service, a casket that’s nice enough to display will be needed as well.

What to Do With the Cremains

After cremation, there are various options for what to do with the remains. They can be buried or interred in a cemetery, kept by a family member, or spread. Just keep in mind that there are laws governing where people can spread cremated remains, so make sure to look into the options to find one that suits the wishes of the deceased without breaking any laws.

Cost Considerations

Certain factors add to the cost of using Cremation Companies in Fairfield OH, with the average cost ranging from $1,500 to $4,000. These include being an individual that’s larger than 350 pounds, removing pacemakers and other artificial body parts, transportation of the body, purchasing or renting a casket or container (which is necessary even for a cremation), disposing of the cremains, obtaining the release allowing the body to be cremated, and getting copies of the death certificate. Holding a service will add to the cost, especially if the body is present and thus needs to be embalmed, which otherwise wouldn’t be necessary.

Comparing Prices

Because the cost of cremation can vary greatly depending on where it’s done and which funeral home is used, it’s a good idea to ask for a printed price list from each potential company to make it easier to compare costs. This way you’ll know what’s included in each price quoted.

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