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These Are Some Reasons Why Skunk Control in Moore OK Is So Important

Anyone who is familiar with how bad the smell of a skunk can be knows why it’s important to keep these animals away. After a skunk has utilized its spray, the odor can linger for days or even weeks. Some people will dispose of any items that they find have been sprayed by skunks.

Trouble For Pets

One reason to use skunk control in Moore OK is to protect pets. Dog owners have to worry about their dogs being sprayed or attacked by skunks. An unsuspecting dog might accidentally encounter a skunk while outside using the bathroom. What if the dog is sprayed in the face? The dog’s eyes can be irritated and the animal will have to be bathed over and over again to eliminate the smell. The dog might even become fearful of going outside.


Another reason to implement Skunk Control in Moore OK is due to disease. Rabies is a disease that is fatal if it isn’t treated in time. It can be transmitted from skunks to pets. Pets can then transmit the disease to people. According to the CDC, skunks account for over 25 percent of identified cases of rabies in wildlife. Property owners shouldn’t take any chances with skunks. If a pet or person is scratched or suffers a bite from a skunk, they should seek immediate medical attention.

More On Disease

Rabies isn’t the only disease that skunks can spread. Skunks can spread harmful microorganisms in their waste. A pet might encounter the waste while outside and become infected with a disease. A skunks waste can contain harmful microorganisms for days or even weeks. As with rabies, tapeworms and other parasites can infect both pets and humans. Find more information about effective skunk control by contacting a wildlife expert.

Believe it or not, there are some people who keep skunks as pets, but for the most part, people consider skunks to be pests and rightfully so. Skunks have earned the reputation as pests throughout the years. A person using their own form of pest control might not be successful. That’s why professionals should be contacted.

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