The Universal Software for Web Conferencing Services: Which One to Choose?

Businesses of all sizes need to take the power and impact of a web conferencing service seriously. It can have a reflection on the clients and what they see from a business. A poor quality web conference could promote conscious and subconscious thoughts about the company that could impede their entire vision. High-end Web Conferencing Services will sometimes be built from a total custom interface, or mixed with the pre-built conferencing platform.

There are a number of popular software programs that are used by many businesses. Below is an overview of some common and uncommon features. Before diving into that, it is a significant step to sit down with a professional entity such as Envision Networked Services to see what services would best fit the company in web conferencing. Some may not be suitable for a small firm while others are not developed enough to meet the demands of a large global company.

Screen Sharing and Muting

Citrix is a great platform for all those additional features that are sometimes overlooked. The host of the web conference gets a master screen that includes a small control panel on the side. They send invitations out through the control panel, while also controlling WebCams on this one screen. It can get a little messy with all the additional features being added. Also, it is difficult to immediately change content. There is a markup which highlights content in the platform.

Full On Custom

There’s a line between a fully customized web conferencing platform and one that is completely automated. Resources such as OmniJohn lean towards complexity. Their platform is almost completely customized. They have a small ribbon at the top that includes a number of features. The ribbon can be close and added a customized at will before the video comment during it, and obviously after. This gives the actual web conference a completely custom field every time out.

These Web Conferencing Services are great additions to the total layout of options. Web conferencing is a pivotal aspect of business, because in it includes direct interaction with the clients. Technical errors can happen- let’s hope they never do.

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