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The Reasons You Need a Blasting Room In Your Idaho Work Space

The Reasons You Need a Blasting Room In Your Idaho Work Space
If your work consists of having to remove rust and other impurities from the surface of a metal, you may think that doing so outdoors is your only solution. However, doing it indoors via building indoor blasting rooms is certainly an option. There are many benefits to blasting in this manner.

Environmentally Friendly

Since blasting uses sand as the manner in which rust, paint, and other undesirables are removed, it is definitely considered a “green” method. There are no harsh chemicals used in the process of removal. This means that you do not need any special permits, licenses, or environmental considerations before building the room.

No Health Hazards

Since chemicals are not used in the process of sandblasting, there is no exposure to toxic substances like there is with other methods of rust removal. Simple masks and eye protection gear are all that are needed for protection when blasting. With chemical blasting, you also need to invest in expensive protection gear.

Safe For Residential Use

If your shop happens to also be on the same property as your residence, there may be concerns about risks to children and/or pets if you are using chemicals to perform the blasting. When sand is used in the blasting rooms instead, you can rest assured that neither of them will have to be concerned about lingering toxicity in the area.

If you are interested in having one or more blasting rooms built for you, contact Airblast AFC today. They can recommend the exact specifications that you will need.

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