The Primary Differences Between Aftermarket and OEM Engines in Des Moines, IA

When a car’s engine starts experiencing serious problems many drivers just wind up getting rid of it and buying a new one. This is often a mistake, though, as it’s possible to find both aftermarket and OEM Engines in Des Moines IA and have them installed for much less than it would cost to buy a whole new car.

Not sure what the difference is between OEM and aftermarket engines? Drivers who are about to invest having their cars’ engines replaced might want to read on to find out what the difference is before investing in parts.

OEM V. Aftermarket Quality

Put simply, OEM parts produced by vehicles’ original manufacturers are usually better made. The difference may not be huge when buying accessory parts, but a car’s engine is far too important to leave quality up to chance. Buying a cheaply-made aftermarket engine that doesn’t provide enough power and isn’t going to last is just not worth it for the amount of money it costs to go with an OEM engine instead.

OEM V. Aftermarket Warranties

It’s typically possible to get warranties on both OEM parts and aftermarket parts, but while OEM parts almost always come with manufacturers’ warranties, the availability of aftermarket warranties often depends on their supplier. Plus, the cheapest of aftermarket parts, which are the most likely to break, are the ones whose manufacturers typically cut corners and refuse to offer warranties. Drivers should make a point of inquiring about warranty coverage prior to choosing what engine or engine rebuild kit to buy.

OEM V. Aftermarket Price

This is really the only category in which an aftermarket engine might actually win out over OEM Engines in Des Moines IA. Put simply, though, drivers should expect to get what they pay for. The reason that aftermarket engines are often cheaper is that they are produced with shoddier parts and often come with no warranties, which really negates the benefit of a lower price in the long run.

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