The most common plumbing problems

A plumber in Cumming GA runs across many problems in a working day however the most common issues are drips, broken pipes, leaks and clogged drains. A home does not have to be old to have plumbing problems; dripping faucets, toilets that get plugged and overflow and clogged sinks are problems that can happen to anybody at any time. Plumbing problems do not go away, when a problem is spotted the sooner the repair is made the better, as time goes by the problem only gets worse and eventually instead of having the luxury of having the work done during the day on standard rates you end up having to call an emergency plumber at much higher rates.

What starts as a drip can quickly become a very annoying running faucet. It is bad enough when the drip is on the cold water line but when it is the hot water faucet dripping it is not only aggravating, it can quickly run up your utility bill as all the hot water that you are generating is simply ending up down the drain. This is the type of problem that should be tacked right away, it can fixed quickly and inexpensively as in most cases it is little more than a worn washer that needs replacing.

Replacing a washer in a dripping faucet is not difficult, where the problem often lies is finding the correct replacement washer. For every different manufacturer of faucets and in many cases, the styles as well there is a different washer, if you are comfortable doing this yourself, the solution is to take the old washer to a plumbing supply dealer and see if they can help you, if not a good plumber normally as a wide selection of washers available.

Another area where you can have trouble with a faucet is right at the base where it is seated to the top surface of the sink. This is a little more awkward to repair, it is either a rubber o-ring or the nut that compresses the o-ring that has failed. When a plumber in Cumming GA is faced with this problem they will always put a coating of petroleum jelly on the o-ring during installation, it has been found that the o-ring lasts longer this way.

A common problem for any household is a plugged toilet. It is a good idea to keep a plunger handy in every toilet in the house. In the event of a clog it takes little for the toilet to overflow, this is a real problem. If plunging does not solve the problem then you may have to call a plumber in Cumming GA to clear it as they have specialized equipment that few homes possess.

A plumber can often be a homeowners best friend, plumbing problems are not all easy to remedy, there are many times when a plumber in Cumming GA can tackle a problem before it becomes a major issue. You are invited to contact the Professionals at Fortune Plumbing.

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