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The Most Common Claims Filed Through Auto Insurance Companies

Since auto insurance is mandatory across Illinois, your insurance policy needs to be adequate. Your vehicle is in constant danger of vandalism and accidents, and to learn that your insurance policy doesn’t cover this is frustrating. To avoid this frustration, review your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider about whether your insurance policy covers these claims.


A large chunk of auto insurance in Illinois claims are accidents. Claims filed in this category revolve around the vehicle, the driver, the passengers, the pedestrian, the accident type, and the total of vehicles involved. Vehicle damage can range from dents and scratches to broken windows and totaled vehicles. Claims can involve personal injury to the driver and passengers in the vehicle as well as injuries to drivers and passengers in other vehicles. Pedestrians can file a claim for injuries, too. A factor affecting your claim is a driver without insurance. Accident type (drunk driving, distracted driving, rear-end, fender bender, etc.) determines who is at fault. The driver at fault must pay for every vehicle, driver, passenger, pedestrian, and property involved in the accident.

Non-Accident Claims

A minor chunk of auto insurance in Illinois claims are non-accident related. Drivers file claims for windshield damage, whiplash, dents, and scratches due to hail, severe weather, flying debris, or animal collision. Vandalized vehicles that are keyed, spray painted, broken into, or damaged via weapon are popular claims. Parked vehicles deal with damage from shopping carts, hit-and-run vehicles, and backing-up accidents. Drivers will also file a claim for stolen vehicles.

Sudden situations can occur, and the provider of your selected auto insurance in Illinois should respond quickly. Instead of searching for auto insurance quotes on several websites, let those quotes come to one website. Accurate Auto Insurance is that website, making the search easier. Spend more time on how these claims affect insurance premiums and less on research. Visit Accurate Auto Insurance at for more information.

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