The Master Checklist: 3 Things to Cover During a Free Consultation at the Family Law Offices in The Woodlands, TX

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Attorney

The family unit is dealing with a huge battle that involves children, partners, and extended family members. What can be done about it? Though it is easy to get overwhelmed, family law offices in The Woodlands TX, suggest a three-point checklist. This checklist should be followed while visiting for a free consultation. Come prepared to get the most out of the meeting, and come in with an open mind.

Skip the Basics

The basics, such as address, a summary of the situation, and other overarching details can be skipped. Firstly, this information should already be sent over to the office through the basic information sheet. This also allows the attorney to save time covering basic public information that needs to be recorded regardless. Plus, it allows the potential client and attorney to focus on more immediate details.

Is There a Case?

The main priority in any free consultation is to assess if the client has a workable case. There may be major laws that invalidate the case, or there could be holes in the story that are extremely obvious. An attorney should be able to answer this question to filter out obviously weak cases. There are mandates, laws, stipulations, and many other things in law that could sink a case before it begins; and clients deserve to know this as soon as possible.

What about the Cost?

The last item on the checklist should be a raw assessment of the costs and the time frame. This is left for last because the attorney needs as much information as possible to provide what is, essentially, a quote. Unlike a quote for a service that uses parts and consistent costs, there is no core basis an attorney uses. Innumerable variables will determine whether the cost remains basic or it goes up. The cost and time frame at a free consultation is very rough, but it will provide an general idea of what to expect from the case in this regard.

Do not get overwhelmed. Come to, family law offices in The Woodlands, TX. Bring a game plan of what needs to be discussed and try to stay on track. The time may go by fast, and leaving unfulfilled and discouraged is never the goal.

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