The Ins and Outs of Veneers

For some people, when they look in the mirror, they find themselves unhappy with the look of their smile. Luckily, there is a way to fix the issue, veneers. Veneers have become a very popular way for dentists to take your flawed smile, and make it into the smile you have always wanted. If your teeth are crooked, badly decayed, or have other problems that makes you unhappy, then seeking a new smile may be the best option for you. Using veneers, dentists are able to cosmetically update your smile and give you the confidence you have longed for.

What are veneers?

What are veneers? Simply put, they are a thin layer of ceramic material properly fitted over your teeth. When done correctly, veneers are unnoticeable and fit over your teeth perfectly, enhancing your smile, and hiding any flaws your teeth may have. Veneers are made to fit comfortably, which allows ease of use such as chewing and biting. The material veneers are made from is strong and durable, which makes them one of the most popular ways of fixing problem teeth and updating your smile.

How It Works

Being fit for veneers is quite simple. During your first appointment, an impression of your teeth is usually done, as well as any shaping that is needed. Shade matching is also normally done during the initial visit. This is to make your veneer appear to be a normal tooth and not stand out against the others. Some dentists finish the process in a second visit, others prefer three. Either way, during the next phases, the veneer will be fitted, and the tooth will be readied for bonding. Finally, your veneer will be placed, and your new smile will shine.

Dentists who offer veneers

If you are in the need of veneers in Chesterfield, Dr. Jonathan W. Silva, at Chesterfield Family Dentistry can help you make your smile great again. Follow us on Google+.

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