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The Importance Of Meth Lab Clean Up In Atlanta, Georgia

Could your apartment be making you sick? It is always possible that the space was used as a methamphetamine (meth) lab. Law enforcement officials say the number of abandoned sites grows annually. Meanwhile, they are trying to fight meth in other ways. New laws place limits on the amount of certain chemicals that can be purchased. These chemicals are used in the illegal operation. Meanwhile, former meth labs have to be cleaned. Many hazardous chemicals, like ammonia and solvents, are used to make the drug. It does not take a lot of chemicals to contaminate a property. In fact, experts say whenever meth is produced, it leaves behind pounds of chemical waste. Apartments and homes are not the only places used for labs. They have been found in cars, barns and commercial properties.

Individuals can be exposed to air borne chemicals. The risks of exposure include breathing problems and other respiratory issues. Other health issues can occur with long term exposure like liver and kidney damage. In fact, long term exposure can be fatal. If you need Meth Lab Clean Up in Atlanta GA, call website. Indeed, any containers of chemicals found should be disposed of by professionals. Next, the air needs to be cleaned. Professionals use evaporation to try and remove many of the toxic chemicals. Finally, contractors begin Meth Lab Clean Up in Atlanta GA. All hard surfaces must be scrubbed. Experts recommend repainting walls and ceilings.The paint prevents exposure to any residual contamination.

Likewise, the kitchen and bathrooms may need work. Waste products are poured into drains and toilets. Toxic waste can be stuck in the drains and should only be cleaned by professionals. If a septic tank is involved, the contractors may need to contact the local EPA. Make sure to keep the paperwork certifying that the property was used for meth and it was cleaned. This is important if the property is ever sold again, the information must be disclosed. Make sure that you or the contractor check with local authorities to see if any other measures should be taken. It is important to protect you and your family. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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