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The Gas vs. Wood Fireplace – Differences and Advantages of Each

Many of us can remember those times in the past when we sat around a fireplace in the living room or some other room of the house as the fire crackled and the atmosphere became nice and cozy. Well, this warmth is still possible to have with today’s modern fireplaces. Today’s gas fireplaces have advantages over the old wood burning variety and vice versa – something which is explained below regarding gas vs. wood fireplace units.

What is the Difference?
There are important differences between the monitoring gas fireplace and an old wood burning fireplace. Both fireplaces produce warmth. However, a modern gas fireplace operates in a much more efficient manner. It also does not require the maintenance and cleanup associated with an old wood burning fireplace unit. These two facts are important to consider when you are evaluating gas vs. wood fireplace options.

Gas Fireplace
Modern gas fireplaces have the advantage of accessing a constant flow of fuel that is supplied through the utility company and will not run out on a moment’s notice. Wood, however, will eventually burn out completely, and must be replaced. Gas fireplaces do not require a lot of effort to turn on and shut off. Many times this can be done with a flip of a switch or a press of a button.

Gas fireplaces are virtually maintenance free. Old-style wood-burning fireplaces require regular cleanup of the soot and ash that accumulates from the burning.

Wood Fireplace
What is a source however can be quite cheap in comparison to gas. This is an advantage offered by a one fireplace. You may gather your logs from nature or by them in a home-improvement store. Wood-burning fireplaces can operate as a modern fireplace system with simply the wood functioning as the fuel instead of gas or propane.

Burning wood and the crackling that you hear is the flames devour this fuel source can be something appreciated by those who enjoy this type of fireplace experience. Gas fireplaces do not quite have that extra original feel of the traditional experience that wood-burning fireplaces can provide.

So be sure to consider the above comparisons when evaluating your gas vs. wood fireplace options.

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