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Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace – Function and Benefits

The technology that is used to build and operate fireplaces has advanced a long way since the times of many years past when he would gather the wood together, place it behind metal chain great and set it on fire, only to create a conflagration where a majority of the heat went up and out the chimney. Those old units required a lot of maintenance and cleanup of sudden ashes. Today’s direct vent natural gas fireplace requires none of that.

How a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Works
These fireplaces utilize a system that consists of a sealed combustion system. The outside air is drawn into the system and transferred to the lower chamber where it is distributed continually around the firebox. It is then sent as warm air into your space of the operation of the fan. The air is vented at the top or rear of the unit. All harmful exhaust our dispelled to the outside, leaving the inside air clean to breathe.

Operational Efficiency
These fireplaces operate at a high level of efficiency, so much so that they can preserve and distribute as high as 70% of the produced the into the living space in which they are installed.

Various Options
As you shop for a direct vent natural gas fireplace, you can have access to certain features that may enhance your operational use of the unit. These can include:

  • Millivolt generator which is designed to have the fireplace function when the electricity is out
  • Electric spark or piezoelectric ignition, to be used when you do not have an electrical connection hooked up to the fireplace
  • Burning standing safety pilot light that lights the burner at the moment the gases turned on
  • Flexibility on how to vent the unit (for instance, through the ceiling)

Minimal Maintenance
These are very low maintenance units that do not require the traditional cleanup tasks that are associated with the old-style wood-burning fireplaces of the past.

Match Your Existing Decor
Your direct vent natural gas fireplace does not only have to be super functional, it can also be a fantastic addition to enhance the décor your living space. You may choose from various styles and colors to complement the interior design of your room. These units also provide you with a very enjoyable flame presentation that can be appreciated by all present in the living space.

The features mentioned above can certainly make your purchase of a direct vent natural gas fireplace a worthwhile investment that can provide benefits for a long time.

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