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The Benefits of Grain Bins in Oregon

It’s harvest time, farmers are working long hours, combines are rolling, trucks are moving down the road, and the elevators are swamped. During this time, efficiency is key. A productive farm is a farm where everything is connected and running smoothly. On farm Grain Bins offer multiple benefits to help keep your farm profitable.

Harvest arrives at the same time for almost all farmers. This means elevators are overwhelmed. The lines can go on for miles. Often, a farmer is forced to wait three or more hours to get unloaded. That time is critical and can cause large backups at your farm. Leaving a combine sitting in a field for three hours while you’re waiting in line, costs a lot of money. Having the ability to store grain on your farm eliminates the need to wait in line during crucial harvest hours. It also allows the combine to run more hours per day. In turn, harvest can be completed quickly and allow more days for field preparation in the fall.

In addition, harvest time grain prices are not guaranteed. The goal of any farmer is maximum profitability. If markets are low during harvest time, grain prices are low. If you do not have the capability of storing your own grain, you are at the mercy of current market prices. Grain Bins in Oregon can allow you to store the grain until markets rebound and ensure higher profits.

Finally, in the event of impending weather that can be detrimental to crops, grain bins allow a farmer to get his crop out of the ground quickly. Hurricanes, flooding, and hail can cause massive damage to the quality of crops. If inclement weather is imminently approaching, it is imperative for a farmer to harvest his crops quickly and efficiently. On farm storage provides the means to store grain and protect it from damage.

Grain Bins In Oregon Improve The Efficiency And Quality Of Your Farm. By avoiding long elevator lines and low market prices, farmers can ensure maximum profitability. On farm grain bins help a farmer plan for the future and no longer be at the mercy of harsh weather and poor market returns.



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