The 3 Emotions Channeled and Emphasized at the East Rockaway Day Care

Daycare is, on its surface, a safe place to take a child while the parents are working. But, it should often be about a bit more. Daycare is often the first place children begin to gain some semblance of how to function in a social setting. The principles taught in early daycare will have ramifications throughout their entire lives, and parents sometimes lose sight of that. Daycare is where habits are learned. A great environment in these early years is essential.

A high-rated East Rockaway Day Care will practice refining three emotions on a daily basis. Teachers have them on the walls and practice exercises that emphasize their importance. They are:

• Empathy: Empathy is possibly one of the hardest emotions children attempt to learn. The idea is not to force empathy, but present them a situation where cooperation is better. They then, through practice, learn that understanding why the other child is thinking one way could benefit them. It is a delicate practice, and one that is balanced in activities and cooperative-based games.

• Respect: On the other end of the spectrum, respect is a little easier to explore and study. Children are taught basics of please and thank you. It is a vital part of growing and learning. The teachers in an East Rockaway Day Care use respect when speaking to each other and the children. It creates a high standard. Though the children struggle to reach it, they will always be an atmosphere that is considerate and accepting.

• Sharing: The learning activities help promotes sharing. For example, not every child will always get their puzzle. The teachers will emphasize sharing to complete a goal, which works directly with cooperation. There is no shortage of games and activities, but the children learn to share by working with what they have.

There is a lot of love and admiration for the children of the community. A reputable East Rockaway Day Care wants to be part of that by prospering smart children that will stick up for a child being bullied and want to be respectful and wonderful. That is the energy and goal of an East Rockaway Day Care.

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