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Telltale Signs Your Unit is in Dire Need of AC Service in Jacksonville

Air conditioners tend to go out in the most inconvenient moments, usually when temperatures have risen or during one of the muggiest summer days. However, if you were to pay attention to those little cues that indicate a malfunctioning unit, you could save yourself from being caught off guard in the future. Here are a few signs that your air conditioner is in critical need of service.

It is Blowing Out Hot Air

A unit that blows out warm air usually has a refrigerant leak and is in need of AC service Jacksonville Fl immediately. An expert will be able to repair the leak, if there is one, or find another solution that will restore the cool air flow.

It Randomly Switches On and Off

If your unit switches on and off at its leisure, it is time to place a call for AC service Jacksonville. The culprit behind this pesky issue can be a bit tricky to identify, so a professional will definitely have to take a look.

It Has Poor Air Flow

A well-functioning unit will be able to cool off an entire building if prompted to do so. But, if your air conditioner is barely blowing out enough air to make a difference in your home, you will first want to check the air filter to see if it is clogged. If you then find that you aren’t putting a dirty air filter to use, consider the possibility that a major part might be failing, perhaps even the motor.

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