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Take Advantage of the Many Benefits Fences Add to Your Property

A fence is useful for many things that might include keeping wandering pets inside, keeping wild animals from eating the vegetable garden, and preventing anyone uninvited from falling in the swimming pool to name a few. Perhaps most importantly, however, a fence can add value to your home and help it sell quicker when the time comes.

But a fence’s worth is not just about adding to property value, and there are other important reasons homeowners build fences around their homes. Here’s why you need a fence contractor in Park Ridge:

Safety and Security

The primary function of a fence is to provide a barrier between the family and anyone who walks by. Not every person will enter the property to do harm. Most are walking their dog, but the fence is a simple way of telling people to stay out.
Buyers who are parents are especially interested in a property with a fence. Fences mean the kids can play in the yard safely, and pets can play with them without mishap.


A fence contractor in Park Ridge understands that holiday cookouts, pool parties, birthday parties, and sunbathing are matters strictly between family and friends. While people don’t party-crash every day, it happens. Fences are a means of keeping uninvited guests from ruining the party.


A pretty, white picket fence or wrought iron atop brick-pillared fencing adds elegance to a home and increases curb appeal. Fencing is known to increase property value by 20 percent in some cases. For example, on a home valued at $200,000, a fence will bring a return on investment of approximately $40,000. That’s a lot of worth or value.

Top Line Fence is family owned and operated. Serving Chicago and surrounding areas for almost 50 years, they will work with you to bring to reality your dream fence. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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