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Supplies for the Modern Soldier: A Backlit Keyboard

The modern soldier heads into combat with a whole different set of supplies than would have been imaginable a few decades ago. Soldiers of our grandparents’ generation did not carry much with them beyond the bare essentials, such as weapons and survival gear. They certainly did not require an industrial computer with a rugged monitor and backlit keyboard. However, many of today’s military personnel need all of these things and more.

Backlit keyboards were once used primarily by hardcore gamers who tended to play in darkened rooms. Backlighting enabled them to quickly locate important keys on their keyboards, and some would argue that it also added to the techno-savvy mystique of the gaming world. These days, however, backlit keyboards are used in industrial and military settings that have minimal lighting but where computers are necessary. Military units increasingly utilize computerized surveillance technology, often in dark or dimly-lit environments, and backlit keyboards enable users in this environment to efficiently interact with the computer display when time and accuracy are of utmost importance.

Besides the actual alpha-numeric keys, a backlitkeyboard can be equipped with a 10-key numeric pad or integrated touch pads and trackballs. Backlit keyboards can also be equipped with an emergency shut-off key, which is essential in critical military situations when lights must be extinguished immediately. In addition, backlit keyboards are more durable than standard keyboards, so that they can withstand the extreme environments to which they are exposed.

Staying within budget is essential for all military entities, especially during difficult economic times. However, cost does not have to be a deterrent for a computer backlighting option. Most backlit keyboards needed for combat situations cost approximately $500, a price that provides for multiple color lighting, integrated touch pads and a one-touch emergency key shut-off option.

Whether in tanks, command centers, aboard ships or on the field, the benefits of industrial computer components like a backlitkeyboard help military personnel to do their jobs with efficiency and accuracy. Furthermore, such devices help keep our service members safe by enabling them to decrease their visibility almost instantly. Today’s military relies on technology to carry out all of its duties at home and abroad, and having access to rugged, top-of-the-line technological equipment is a vital part of how its members defend our freedom.

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