Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit Uses Premium Products

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Beauty

Women and men both want to feel confident about their stylist. That is why the choice of a hair stylist is important to most people. You want to go to a salon that understands the style needs of its customers and will ensure that the latest methods will create a spectacular look. You also want to make sure your stylist is using safe products on your hair.

Reducing the Chance of Hair Loss from Product Use

“Hair today, gone tomorrow.” You need to make sure that a stylist is careful so hair loss can be prevented. Fortunately, a real revolution has taken place in biology. Today, scientists are learning how certain chemical changes can be remedied so hair loss does not occur as frequently.

In fact, in the last seven years, researchers have discovered how to keep people from losing their hair. Stylists, such as those who work at the Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit, are keeping up on hair loss news as well. They make sure that the best products are used to style the hair, and that the use of heat appliances is kept to a minimum.

Taking a Closer Look at the Hair

Until the hair starts to come out, most people take their strands for granted. However, a closer examination of the hair follicle caused scientists to wonder at its anatomical structure. At the base of each hair follicle is a mysterious-looking feature known as the “bulge.” According to stylists at the Summit Salon, the bulge is where the stem cells of a follicle reside. When they receive the right chemical signals, these cells, which are self-renewing, separate. They do not divide like other cells. Instead, one half of the cell becomes a new stem cell and stays intact for future regeneration.

That is why the Summit Salon uses only products that ensure hair growth and beautification. Again, hair loss, especially for women, is preventable. If hair loss does not have a hormonal cause, then using the right products and getting regular trims can alleviate the issue once and for all.

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