Desktop Virtualization and IT Solutions in Santa Barbara, CA

by | Sep 29, 2016 | IT Solution

It takes a fair amount of time and resources to keep dozens or even hundreds of computers running in an office. Each computer needs to have the software configured properly, and often each one has to go through its own update cycle. These computers also tie employees to their desks, and many young professionals do not like that. One solution that provides workspace flexibility and saves time is desktop virtualization.

What is Desktop Virtualization?

Desktop virtualization is one of several IT solutions designed to give employees freedom to work remotely while still having access to all of their data. It allows employees to access their office computers from virtually anywhere, which means that they no longer need to make certain they have every necessary document before leaving the office.

The employees’ desktops are actually saved on a server rather than being installed on the computers themselves. This saves time and resources since the IT department creates several desktop images that include the operating system and applications. These images are then virtually displayed on each individual computer. There’s no need to install everything on each machine. This is one of several IT solutions in Santa Barbara, CA that many businesses that are computer-heavy have employed to save time.

It’s Secure

Using desktop virtualization is also very secure and improves your business’s overall network security. The desktop is deployed to individual computers via virtual display protocols that are designed to keep all transmitted data secure. The system also uses what is called a hypervisor, a piece of software that allows users to run a main operating system and a virtualized desktop on the same computer without any sharing of information between the two. These IT solutions mean that if anyone steals the laptop, there is no data available from the virtualized desktop. All information is kept safe and secure on the server.

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