Successfully Treat Torn Tendons, Joint Injuries, and More in Portland, OR

Discover regenerative medicine with PRP treatment in Portland, OR. Platelet Rich Plasma is innovative care that offers impressive results. Avoid surgery and drugs. Let your body’s own healing potential get you off the sidelines and back in the mix of enjoying what you love to do.

What PRP is and Does

PRP treatment in Portland involves injections that can help wounds, such as sports injuries, heal. Platelet-rich plasma derives from your blood by separating it from the plasma using a centrifuge. The plate-rich plasma is applied directly to injured tissue through injections. Key points to know about PRP include:

• PRP comes from your blood

• PRP is a source of concentrated factors that are instrumental in healing

• Studies show that PRP can improve recovery in many tissues

Click on the link below to read more detailed information about the use and benefits of PRP treatment.

Other Treatments Available

Other therapies offered include:

• Prolotherapy, a nonsurgical regenerative treatment to repair joints

• Adipose-Derived Biocellular Therapies for treating degenerative osteoarthritic changes

• Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection, a nonsurgical solution for nerve pain

• Stellate Ganglion Blocks for treating fear-based responses like PTSD and more

Call Today

For more information about PRP treatment in Portland, OR, visit Northwest Regenerative Orthopedics online at or call (503) 799-6115 to schedule a consultation. Regenerative therapies offer an alternative to total joint replacement and muscle or tendon repairs without surgery.

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