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Steel: Still the Backbone of Modern Society

It could well be said that the modern world was built on steel. This durable, affordable and recyclable metal became and remains one of the most important building blocks of today’s society. In the UK, the United States and many other parts of the world, steel is used every day to create a stronger, more efficient tomorrow. Take a look at how steel is manufactured, and how it continues to be the backbone of our world:

How It’s Made

Much of the steel manufactured today uses coal. While this may not sound like an ecologically-friendly start, it is important to remember that steel is almost indefinitely recyclable. This means less coal is being used in new steel fabricating, and more recycled steel is being repurposed every year.

Steel fabricating is done by combining iron ore and other elements to create a stable, smooth metal alloy. This alloy is heated in a blast furnace to create molten iron, then introduced into an oxygen furnace to create steel. It is a process left to trained metalworking professionals, as the balance of materials, tools and technique are crucial to the success of the resulting metal.

Where Steel is Used Today

The fact that steel is so accessible and recyclable makes it the ideal metal for building today’s structures and tomorrow’s future. The modern use of steel can be categorized by the field it is used in. These fields are primarily:

  • Construction
  • Appliances and Industry
  • Transportation
  • Packaging
  • Energy

While construction uses the lion’s share of today’s steel, it is also put to excellent use in ways that make it an economical and eco-friendly choice for everything from food and cosmetic product packaging to moving people between locations all over the world. In business, construction, transportation and in life overall, steel continues to move us forward with the help of those who fashion it into the remarkable pieces we use every day.

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