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Stay Involved in a Loved One’s Care to Help Avoid Elder Neglect

When an elderly loved one’s health starts to fail and they require additional help to care for them, you take the time to find the right caregiver to meet their needs. Whether you select in-home care or place them in a long-term care facility, you want to know they are safe and living a comfortable life. However, this can be quickly disrupted if you notice the signs that your family member is being neglected at the hands of their caregiver. When you suspect elder neglect in Sacramento, you want to quickly remove them from a dangerous situation.

Be Proactive

Most nursing homes want the family members of a patient to participate in their overall care. From feeding them to general hygiene care, when you are active in your loved one’s care it is easier to detect the sign of elder neglect in Sacramento area. This also decreases the hands-on care that the facility must provide, especially in nursing homes that are understaffed. Not only are you contributing to the overall care of your family member, and you are freeing up the staff to provide the care other patients require that reside in the facility.

Report Abuse Immediately

If you suspect nursing home staff are neglecting or abusing an elderly person, you want to quickly address the problem. How quickly the abuse is reported can make a difference in the overall wellbeing of the victim. That is why you should consult Ed Dudensing Attorney at Law if you believe your loved one is being neglected. They will consult with you to determine if the family member is being abused and provide the legal counsel on the steps you should take to hold the facility accountable for their actions. You can start protecting the rights of elderly individuals when you contact their law firm.

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