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Stay Cool With Help From an Experienced Air Conditioning Contractor in Phoenix

One of the main reasons that people contact an experienced Air Conditioning Contractor Phoenix is to repair a unit that has failed. The AC is a rather complex machine that includes both mechanical components and electronics. For instance, the condenser is a mechanical system that compresses a refrigerant and forces a state change in the chemical. However, the condenser also uses some electronics to control the cycle of compression. The latter is important because too much pressure in the pipe or coils could result in excessive damage.

Cleaning and routine maintenance are other important functions that need to be performed by an Air Conditioning Contractor Phoenix. While there are some areas that the user can reach for the purposes of cleaning, most of the interior of this appliance is difficult to reach. This is often true of components such as the evaporator coil and portions of the air handler. In most instances, the evaporator coil will need to be removed for a thorough cleaning. Thankfully, this task is usually done once every three to five years. Of course, the environment also plays an important part in keeping the appliance clean. Keeping dust levels low and the filter changed regularly can reduce the amount of dirt that enters the AC. You should contact Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc for further information.

Perhaps the most important task that an Air Conditioning Contractor Phoenix can perform is the installation of a new appliance. At this point, the contractor will need to do some calculations to determine the best appliance for the job at hand. A home will usually require an air conditioner in the two to four-ton range. Most businesses will usually require something larger. In fact, the size of the building is only one factor in calculating the size of the AC. The contractor will need to allow for the number of people the building can accommodate, the amount of traffic flow through the building and any sources of heat such as kitchens.

If the building owner happens to be searching for something different, they may want to consider the ductless or split air conditioner. This system functions by creating areas or zones inside the building that can be controlled individually. The benefit is a better control for areas that see limited usage and a lower utility bill. To learn more about AC installation and maintenance, click here.

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