States that have Lemon Laws Covering Used Cars

In the United States all 50 of the states have lemon laws that cover new cars, but only six states have lemon laws to cover use cars. There are also seven other states that are set up a minimum standard for forms of warranties and used vehicles. Since laws are constantly subject to change, you should always check with your state Attorney General or your own attorney to be sure that you’re always following the most current enactment.

Hawaii’s Used Car Lemon Law

If you buy a used vehicle in Hawaii, it automatically comes with a warranty even if you don’t receive a written one. The length of the warranty is dependent on how many miles are on the vehicle when you buy. If it has 12,001 to 24,999 miles than the warranty runs from 90 days or 5000 miles. 25,000 miles to 49,999 miles gives you a warranty of 3000 miles or 60 days. If you feel you have gotten a lemon, the best thing to do to start negotiating with the dealer. Write letters, make phone calls, and keep detailed records.

Massachusetts Lemon Law

This lemon law only covers used cars sold by dealers or private parties. The car must have been sold for at least $700 and if it is sold by a dealer, have less than 125,000 miles on the odometer. This law does not cover sales of used motorcycles, dirt bikes, mopeds, lease vehicles, business vehicles, and any vehicle primarily used for off the road. The warranty period is calculated by the amount of mileage on the vehicle, or if the true mileage is not known at the time of sale, it will be based on the ages vehicle. These are just two examples is to show the differences between the statutes in lemon laws pertaining to used cars. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®.

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