Some Questions You Should Ask an Optometrist in Chicago

Your eye health is incredibly important; however, far too many people ignore it for far too long. They go to the doctor occasionally and they sometimes see a dentist. Their eye health gets ignored, though. If you wear glasses or contacts, you definitely need to be seeing an optometrist frequently. Even if you don’t have glasses or contacts, you should still be seeing an eye doctor frequently. There are many different reasons you should see one and there are also several questions you should ask your doctor.

Can I Sleep in My Contacts?

Sleeping in your contacts is not actually a cut and dry case. It depends on your eyes and your contacts. If you have a certain kind of contacts, you might not be able to keep them in for a full 24 hours. Other types of contacts are rated for as much as seven days of continuous use, but not everybody can withstand that amount of use. An optometrist in Chicago can help you determine which contacts fit your needs. If you go to a company such as Tropical Optical Corp, they will be able to recommend the best contacts for you.

What Is Nearsightedness or Farsightedness?

You probably hear people talk about being nearsighted and farsighted. These are common names for technical terms. Nearsightedness is better known as myopia. It means that you can see things close up but not far away. An optometrist can treat this with the proper contacts or glasses. Being able to see things far away but not close up is called hyperopia. If you have different problems, you might end up with a pair of bifocals that actually address two different situations.

Your eyes need to have regular tests and upkeep just like any other part of your body. You should consult an eye doctor at least once a year.

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