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Simple Filter Changing for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Rehoboth Beach DE

An air conditioning system is designed to treat air by regulating air temperature and managing humidity levels. It also acts as a filtration system by removing allergens, toxins, dust, and debris from the indoor air. When an AC system has a dirty filter, the system has to work harder to perform these duties. This puts undo wear and tear on the system and results in more energy being used for the AC system to operate correctly. By changing an AC system’s filter on a regular basis, a person can perform very important Air Conditioning Maintenance in Rehoboth Beach DE.

Ideally, this Air Conditioning Maintenance in Rehoboth Beach DE should be done on a monthly basis. A person can use a reusable filter or a disposable filter. A reusable filter will need to be checked one a month. When it’s dirty, a person will need to take it outside for a proper cleaning. A vacuum can be used to extricate the contents off the filter. After, a homeowner can clean the filter with a sponge and cleaning solution. It’s preferable to use a gallon of water with a few drops of dish soap as the cleaning solution.

To change a disposable filter, a person will first have to locate the filter’s compartment. This is usually situated inside the return air duct or around the furnace. The return air duct will be drawing in air when the AC system is in operation. A person can feel the direction of the airflow by placing a hand in front of air ducts until the return air duct is located. The access panel and fasteners will need to be removed. Care should be taken not to disturb the contents on the filter’s surface. A person should put in the new filter using care as well. There are usually arrows on a filter indicating the right way to place the filter.

By learning how to change a filter, a person can perform an essential maintenance task. This will help the quality of indoor air as well as keeping energy costs down. For information on AC system services, a person can consult a professional at 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling. This company can handle residential and commercial AC systems.

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