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Signs You Should Call A Professional for Air Conditioning In Davenport, FL

Most people do not think much about their air conditioning until the system stops working. There is nothing worse than sitting in a sweltering hot house because your air conditioning system failed. It is crucial to be able to recognize the signs that your air conditioning system needs repair before it stops working.

The Home is Not as Cool as Usual

If you notice that suddenly your home is not as cold as it used to be, chances are there is a problem with your air conditioning system. If you continue to turn up your system, and you are still not feeling any cooler air, you should contact a professional in Air Conditioning in Davenport FL.

Low Air Flow

If you used to sit by the vents and could feel your hair blowing, and now you cannot, you may need to have your air conditioning system repaired. If there is inadequate air flow in all events, you could have a problem with your compressor. If you are having problems with the air in just one room, it could be the duct work. Either way, you should contact a professional in air conditioning in Davenport FL.

Thermostat Problems

If one area of your home is cool, and the other area is warm, there may be a problem with your thermostat. If you think that you may be having a thermostat issue, you should contact a professional, rather than trying to fix it on your own.


It is not normal for your air conditioning system to leak. If there are water pools by the air conditioner or ice forming around the unit, there is a problem with your unit. Chance are, there could be a broken or blocked hose. The sooner that you have your unit repaired, the better.

Strange Sounds

Your air conditioning unit should be relatively quiet. If you notice a grinding noise or a squealing noise coming from your system, you should contact a professional immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will be.

If you notice that your air conditioning unit has a problem, you should have it checked as soon as possible. As soon as you suspect that your unit is broken, you should contact Charles M Watts AC.

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