Signs That Indicate It Is Time for Your Audi to Get Maintenance

The Audi requires special maintenance in order to function properly, just like any other car. If you have been neglecting maintenance, then you will likely need Audi repair in Chicago soon. There are several signs that indicate your Audi needs to get maintenance.

You See Flashing Lights on Your Dashboard

All modern cars have a dashboard with lights. If the lights are flashing, then something is probably wrong with your vehicle. However, many people do not know what these flashing lights mean, so they just ignore them.

Gas Mileage Reduction

You may need Audi maintenance if you are getting fewer miles per gallon. Your car will not be able to get as many miles per gallon if it needs a tune-up. There may also be another issue that needs to be addressed. You will be able to save a lot of money if you get regular maintenance.


You should never see smoke coming from your car. Smoke may indicate a valve issue. There are different colors of smoke, and they can mean different things. Gray smoke can indicate that your car has a transmission issue. White smoke can indicate a blown head gasket or coolant leak. Black smoke usually indicates that there is an engine issue.

Unusual Noises Coming From Your Car

You should not hear noises coming from your car. You will need to see a mechanic immediately. There may be a problem with the engine. If engine issues are ignored, then your car will likely need extensive repairs in the future.

Unusual Smells Coming From Your Car

You may notice a smell if your engine is starting to fail. An unusual may indicate that the oil is leaking. Foul odors should never be ignored.

If you are in need of Audi repair in Chicago, then you can contact VFC Engineering.

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