Short-Term Rentals in San Diego Provide Flexible Living Arrangements

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Apartments

Whether you have business to attend to, are a member of the military, or are just looking for an extended vacation, a fully-furnished apartment is a great way to experience the San Diego area. Short-term rentals offer all the luxury and convenience of living in an apartment, with the flexibility of staying in a hotel. With a thirty-day lease, you can stay for a month and then go home, or you can extend your stay for another month. It is entirely up to you how long you stay in your apartment. They are also incredibly convenient because they come fully furnished and ready to live in.


When some companies say fully furnished, they simply mean that the apartment has furniture. This is true of many companies, and for someone on a budget, this might be the best option. However, some of the better companies in the San Diego area also offer what many call a corporate apartment. These corporate apartments are designed for business people who are going to be staying in an apartment for several weeks. These fully-furnished apartments come with everything you need to move in instantly. They come with pots and pans, as well as plates and silverware. Also, they have pillows, linens, and bedsheets. Everything you need is already provided, so you can move in with the clothes on your back.

Actually, since San Diego is so close to the beach, you do not even need many clothes.


For short-term rentals in San Diego and the surrounding area, the incredible environment is one of the main attractions. The miles of white sand are never very far away. Also, the city is strategically located near the U.S.-Mexico border, so you can vacation or do business internationally with a very short car ride.

The San Diego area also boasts many of the world’s greatest golf courses. That is due to the incredible weather of southern California that remains pleasant for most of the year. Also, the shopping in San Diego and Tijuana is incredible, and since they are so close together, you could very easily visit both cities.


San Diego Short-term rentals are convenient for many reasons, not the least of which is their flexibility. You can stay for thirty days and go back home, or you can decide to extend your vacation indefinitely. If you are building a home nearby, for example, you might not know how long construction will take. You need to be able to extend your lease for thirty days if construction takes longer than expected.

When you are looking to stay somewhere luxurious for a little while, you should consider San Diego. It is a thrilling city with wonderful beaches, incredible golf courses, and close access to many other places. You can be in Mexico in under ten minutes if you want. Visit here for more information.

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