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Shopping for Fluorescent Lights and Parts

If you have a large fluorescent light system you may have the need for occasional maintenance and upkeep. Besides changing bulbs, your system may need upgrades, special sockets, lamp holders or wire guards. For example, if you plan to perform a T-8 to T-5 conversion you may need a lot of special parts and finding a supplier who is both dependable and affordable can be difficult. Here are some helpful tips on finding the right supplier for your business.

Doing Business Directly with the Manufacturer

When you need to purchase fluorescent sockets you can find a number of sources. However, there could be a problem when you deal with sources who do not also manufacture the sockets they sell. For one thing, the prices get marked up and they can be marked up considerably. This is a very important consideration when you are thinking about retrofitting fluorescent fixtures to save on energy, and here is an example.

Suppose you plan to change your system over to LED and also install wire guards in strategic places for safety. In large facilities you may need a very large amount of parts and the cheaper you can find quality parts, the faster you will recoup your investment. When you do business directly with the manufacturer you eliminate the middleman and this can save you as much as 30 percent or more in some cases.


It makes sense to go with a company who specializes in what you need. This is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you require. For example, you might need to install a lot of low profile lamp holders or perhaps you need special shunted turret lamp holders and wire guards. Finding these parts can not only be difficult but also expensive. Yet, once you find a supplier specializing in parts like these, you can locate exactly the right parts at reasonable prices.


Trust is a very important issue when dealing with a fluorescent parts supplier, and the best way to know you can trust a company is by their reputation. For example, when you choose a company who has been supplying wire guards and lamp holders for more than 40 years, you know they will be there for you in the future, because it is not easy to stay in business for many decades unless you are taking good care of your customers, offer reasonable prices and high quality materials.

Online Access

Once you find a source you can trust and you can order at your convenience, and you have a supplier you can depend on. Order the exact parts you need and they will be conveniently shipped to your place of business. You will receive an excellent guarantee and helpful professional advice when you need it.

H. H. Fluorescents has been supplying parts like special lamp holders and wire guards since 1952. They supply many companies with a wide range of specialty and stock sockets.

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