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Shop Finger Paint-Friendly Stains and Paints Created

Whether you’re trying to create a new look in your bedroom by staining wooden furniture pieces or having a finger paint party with your kids, this creative company has something to help your project stand out from the crowd. Not only do they source the ingredients for their products responsibly, but each of the exclusively curated colors features a delectable jasmine fragrance for the optimal creative experience. You won’t have any harsh fumes or chemicals to worry about, just incredible color options like Unicorn Spit Thunder Blue.

The Tools of the Trade

Although you could use products like the stain Unicorn Spit in Thunder Blue with your hands, every artist needs their own set of tools to get the job done right. Shop for tools and other essentials like paintbrushes, cleaners, sanding materials, topcoats, and strippers to ensure your next furniture project or artistic creation looks just the way you imagine it in your mind.

Every Color in the Rainbow and Beyond

If you’re a lover of colors, then this company’s collection of paint and gel stain colors is sure to be a haven in which to shop. You can find deep colors like the stain Unicorn Spit Thunder Blue or whimsical, vibrant hues like Lavish Lovebirds or Violet Vulture. They even create bundles and holiday collections that feature brilliant color options that perfectly capture the typical shades associated with the theme. For example, the Christmas trio consists of three metallic paints in holiday red, green, and glittery gold.

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