Septic Tanks

Sewage Restoration in Apopka, FL- Signs of a Backed up Septic Tank

If your house isn’t connected to municipal sewage lines, it’s very likely that you are using a septic sewage system. Unlike municipal sewage systems, septic systems require regular maintenance and clean-ups. The wastewater from your house exits through the drain pipes that connect directly to the septic tank. This means that you will need to call in a sewage restoration company from time to time for proper maintenance.

The septic tank is located under the ground and collects all dirty water. The sludge rises to the top, while the solids fall at the bottom. There’s an outlet pipe installed in the septic tank, as well through which the water leaves the tank and passes into the drainfield. As you can imagine, the septic tank gets full after a while and it becomes necessary to clean it out. Here are some clear signs of a backed up septic tank.

The Yard Gets Wet or Marshy

One of the clear indicators that your septic tank is backed up is being able to spot marshy areas in your yard., whether clearly or not. This means that the septic tank is leaking out more water than it should. You should call a professional company that offers sewage restoration in Apopka, FL if such a situation happens.

The Grass above the Septic Tank Is Greener than the Rest

Another major indicator that your septic tank is backed up is if the grass directly above the septic tank is greener than the rest of the yard. This happens when the septic tank gets full and begins to leak wastewater. You should explain this to the sewage restoration company, so that they can pump out the septic tank as soon as possible. Other tell-tale signs include gurgling drains every time you flush the toilet, or slow drainage.

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