Setting Up Your Wedding Lights: A Checklist

After months or even years of saving and deliberating, you finally have your wedding planned almost to the letter. There’s just one last element you’ll have to arrange: the lighting. While this may seem like an easy task to put together, it never hurts to make sure all of your bases are well and truly covered. Before you go ahead and set up the lighting, you may want to go down this brief checklist of advice for setting up hanging lights for a wedding in Dallas.

Set Up a Meeting for Every Supplier of Your Wedding Decorations

Some couples may feel this suggestion is unnecessary, whether due to wanting to arrange all of their decorations themselves or because they feel it’s only natural to have all of their decorative supplies in contact with each other. However, it bears repeating that each and every one of your suppliers should be in touch with each other if only to be able to match their ideas together to ensure your wedding is to your tastes. For instance, if you hire a company to set up hanging lights for a wedding in Dallas, they will want to arrange things with you in a way that fits the layout and style of your venue. This will take some involvement from other decorators as well as the owners of the venue you’re using.

Double Check With the Venue

Quite a few venues offer their own lighting options with the space you’re renting. If you’d like to add anything extra, it never hurts to clear it with the venue staff beforehand. Not only do you want to secure permission to use hanging lights for a wedding in Dallas, or anything else, but you’ll also want to be sure the venue allows for the installation of these lights, particularly in terms of support and space.

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