Save Money With A Portable Hand Washing Station Rental

If you are planning an event of any kind from a family reunion to a staff party, wedding or barbecue, having running water is a nice extra touch for everyone. To provide this outdoors, or even in an indoor venue without running water readily available, a portable hand washing station rental can solve the problem.

For those who need the ability to have water on a regular basis for washing up, buying a portable sink is the best option. However, if you only need a portable sink for a day or week or two, it makes more sense to consider a portable hand washing station rental.

Where to Rent
If you are interested in a portable hand washing station rental, it is always the best idea to rent directly from the manufacturer. Not only will this provide you with the best selection of models, sizes, and options, but it will also ensure the rental unit arrives in perfect working order.

While there are some general equipment and supply companies that may rent portable sinks, they are typically not checked after each use. You may find on the day of your event the sink you picked up doesn’t work, leaks or provides only lukewarm water at best.

Choosing a Sink
Another key advantage to a portable hand washing station rental from the manufacturer is the expert help and advice you will receive. When you call in for the rental, you will talk to a professional who is an expert at portable sinks. He or she can ask a few questions and narrow down your choices based on the number of people attending, your needs for the sink, and even issues such as options for areas without power connections or if you need multiple basins or additional features on the sink and counter area.

Pick-up and Delivery
To make things even easier, the top companies providing portable hand washing station rental will even complete a delivery right to your location. They will put the sink right where you need it to be, all you will need to do is fill up the fresh water bottle and get ready to enjoy your running water.

Then, at the agreed upon time, they will come back and pick up the portable hand washing station rental. No need to any lifting or worrying if all you own is a compact car, the entire process will be simple, low cost, and very pleasant.

At Monsam Enterprises, we offer our clients the option of a portable hand washing station rental. We also can work with you through our rent to own program, just visit us online at

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