Rustic Chandeliers Can Brighten Up a Bedroom

When you think about a “chandelier” you might conjure up images of fine dining rooms and fabulous crystal structures, with a touch of elegance, in a fine Georgia home. However, these special ceiling lights do not have to be fancy or elegant. In fact, rustic chandeliers can be the perfect addition to bedrooms because of the kind of lighting they provide. Let’s look at what a change in lighting (and design) can do for a bedroom.

Ambient Light

Did you know a lovely chandelier is a source of ambient light? Ambient lighting is the kind of light which is spread evenly all over the room. Many people think it only refers to natural sources like sunlight, but this is not always the case. Naturally light can be ambient, but so can some types of artificial light.

Maybe your bedroom does not have large windows or you choose to keep the blinds or curtains closed to save energy or limit distractions. You could install a standard ceiling light in the room but this kind of light doesn’t usually reach every corner of the room evenly. Most likely, the area directly underneath the light fixture will be much brighter than the corners.

Lighting Up the Room

The problem of uneven bedroom lighting can be solved with rustic chandeliers. In reality, your new chandelier doesn’t have to be rustic, but it is very popular these days and an excellent choice in Georgia for so many reasons. But why do these kinds of fixtures provide a different kind of light than standard ceiling light fixtures? Let’s take the example of a lovely rustic wagon wheel type chandelier.

The wagon wheel design provides the opportunity to place many lights, all in one large circle. This allows the light to penetrate all four corners and sweep over the room. Plus, if your ceiling is white, it will reflect the light in all directions as the fixture does not set flush with the wall. Because it hangs a few feet from the surface, the light is closer to your living space.

Rustic Chandeliers from Georgia Provide Many Options

You can choose lovely wagon wheel designs with many different types of lamps attached. Maybe an oval wagon wheel design is more to your taste. Perhaps you would be interested in a light bar type fixture. These are only a few of the many selections you will find when you check out rustic chandeliers from Georgia on the Web.

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