Revolutionary Advancements in Nonsurgical Vaginal Laxity Treatments

As if there aren’t enough challenges that come with being a woman, vaginal laxity is something that almost every female will experience in their lifetime. While women who have gone through the experience of vaginal childbirth are among them, they are not the only individuals who can suffer from the effects of this condition. Some other common causes of vaginal laxity include; genetic predispositions, lifestyle, aging, physical stress, and other medical conditions that can affect collagen levels in the body. Regardless of the reason why you are experiencing issues with vaginal laxity, it doesn’t have to be something you simply suffer with.

Alleviating the Embarrassing Effects of Vaginal Laxity

Fem Renew specialists like those found at First Steps Fertility Clinic might not be the first place you think to look when it comes to solving your vaginal laxity issues. However, they are a fantastic resource for both information and advanced non-surgical procedures to help you restore and tighten the muscles of your pelvic floor. Treatments like MonaLisa Touch or Geneveve™ laser therapies for example, can help you improve sensation during intercourse, and even reduce instances of incontinence. Something that many women will experience during certain physical activities or actions like jumping, running, coughing or sneezing. All of which can be highly embarrassing and lead to an overall lack of confidence and isolation.

Learn More about Laser Rejuvenation Treatments with a Specialist Near You

One of the biggest advantages to utilizing non-surgical approaches when it comes to vaginal laxity is that they are virtually painless. Depending on the specific type of laser therapy you choose you can experience relief from vaginal laxity symptoms in as little as 1-3 sessions. All of which require zero downtime, so you can resume your regular daily activities immediately. Be sure to contact the experts at First Steps Fertility Clinic if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of vaginal laxity treatment in Toronto.

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