Reviewing The Cremation Cost In Escondido, CA

In California, cremation provides an alternative to burial, and it is often more cost-effective than a traditional funeral. The services eliminate high costs that are often related to burials. The services reduce the remains down to ashes that are often placed in a small container of the family’s choosing. A local funeral home explains all factors that affect Cremation Cost in Escondido CA.

What is the Base Price for Cremation?

The base price for cremation is around $500. The base unit includes the cremation of the body after it is delivered to the funeral home. The individual’s remains are collected in a plastic bag and placed inside a wooden box.

What Increases the Cost of Cremation?

If the family wants to place the ashes in an urn, they incur the full cost of the urn. The decorative urns increase the cost according to the family’s selections. The style, brand, and materials used to create the urn determine how expensive it will be for the family.

Next, some families choose to have a funeral followed by cremation. The cost of the services could reach up to $3,000 for the funeral and cremation.
The services require the funeral home to embalm the body and prepare it for the funeral. The costs include embalming and makeup applications for the deceased. If the face was injured or disfigured, the makeup artist must reconstruct it. The cost of the services is considerably higher than a standard cremation.

The Type of Service

If the family wants a viewing, the costs will increase. The duration of the viewing also plays a role in the total cost. A funeral will also require a casket. Select funeral homes will allow the family to rent a casket for the funeral instead of paying the full cost since a burial isn’t required.

In California, a cremation is a different option that doesn’t present a high cost for families. It eliminates common requirements associated with funerals. Families that choose cremation aren’t required to purchase a casket or a burial plot. They won’t have to pay the funeral home and the cemetery director. Families that need more info about Cremation Cost in Escondido CA contact a funeral home now.

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