Restore Your Boat or Decorate Your Home with Nautical Antiques

More often than not nautical antiques are used to refurbish a boat. However, you can also use them to decorate your home, office, restaurant, or any other type of business. Perhaps you are a collector of authentic nautical items. No matter what your reason may be for locating nautical items, you should use the services of a professional nautical salvage company. The professionals understand what it takes to restore those items and can offer you many pieces that are in great working condition. This is especially true for lights that are used for the interior and exterior of a vessel. No matter where you choose to use nautical items you can easily view them online from a reputable salvage company.

Find Affordable Salvaged Nautical Pieces

Certain salvaged nautical pieces may be offered for sale in an as-is type of state. Essentially this means that the piece may not be restored by the actual salvage company. Instead you can restore it yourself depending on where you want to use the item. An example of this type of item is a salvaged watertight door wheel. They are typically made of cast iron and depending on their age, they can have a bit of dirt, grime, and grease on them. They can weigh up to seven pounds and measure about twelve inches wide. This type of vintage cast iron door wheel makes for a great display piece. If you do not want to restore it then it will make an excellent exterior décor item. With a little bit of work and clean-up you can also use it for interior décor that makes any nautical theme authentic. The same goes for nautical lights that are wall mounted. No matter whether you choose a set of lights that are aluminum, brass, or copper, they all are guaranteed to work unless otherwise stated. They are great for boat house lights, dock lights, for your front door, and in any interior room of your home.

What You See Is What You Get

No matter what the nautical piece is that you are viewing, you can be assured that the experts will ship you exactly what you see in the photo online. They work hard to scavenge many different ship yards to find antiques that can be cleaned and re-wired, if need be. This is all done in their warehouse where they work on and store all of their products.

Big Ship Salvage has the nautical antiques you are looking for. Contact them today or view their extensive website to find affordable nautical items.

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