Relocation Services and Your Business in Chicago

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Moving

Relocating to a new area provides an array of challenges for businesses: establishing clientele, promoting the business, finding new resources. During a transition period, the moving process can be a distracting source of unnecessary stress. To make the process easy and relatively free of unnecessary stress, businesses employ relocation services. Chicago businesses will hire movers to help coordinate movement and transport of items to new locations, along with a variety of other services.

Moving a Business
Moving companies understand the stress and risk that goes into relocating or upgrading a business’s space. They will work with individual businesses to create a planned, organized trip that will simplify any move. Businesses moving across the country can have their new offices set up within a matter of days when working with relocation services.

This level of customization begins before the move even happens. Business owners can get a free cost estimate by simply asking for one. They can use this estimate when meeting with a team of moving professionals to coordinate the relocation. Once a plan has been established, the team will pack, organize, and transport the company’s assets to the new location. Whether you are staying within Chicago or leaving the state, the team will arrive on your schedule with your assets unharmed.

Secure Storage
If your move requires extra time to upgrade the new space, relocation services can move your assets into storage. Secure vaults and 24-hour security systems keep your equipment, furniture, and sensitive records safe until you are ready to retrieve them. If you have outdated or non-functional equipment, some moving companies will liquidate these items. They will sort out and dispose of unwanted or broken property, saving you time. You will be able to upgrade your equipment without having to deal with disposing of the old.

After the Move
Once moving professionals have delivered your assets to your new location, they will unload and unpack everything to your company’s requirements. They can install equipment and, in some cases, clean the space before you arrive. When they are finished, you can have a functioning office or business space ready to take new clients. Within days, your business will have moved and opened a new location.

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