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Red Flags To Avoid When Hiring Local Movers In Denver

Hiring a moving company can take a lot of the pressure and stress that comes along with moving off of your shoulders and provide you with some peace of mind, But if you hire the wrong moving company, it can cause a lot of headaches and aggravation. When looking for local movers in Denver, there are a few red flags to watch out for to ensure that you only hire the very best company.

 * Avoid Brokers – Brokers act as middlemen and negotiate between the home owner and a moving company. Always work directly with a moving company and not with a moving broker.

 * They Don’t Have A Name – you want to make sure that whoever you use is an established business that has a good track record and many good references. If the company you talk to doesn’t have a name and answers the phone saying “movers” or “moving company” keep looking.

 * No Home Inspection – all reputable movers will want to come to your home to see how much stuff you need to have moved. That is the only way they can come up with an estimate as to how much it will cost to move you. If you get quoted, a price of the phone calls another moving company.

 * No Written Estimate – you need to get an estimate as to how much it will be to move your things in writing. If you don’t get that the moving company can charge you a ridiculous rate once they have all of your things and essentially hold your items hostage until you pay the fee.

 * No DOT license – a DOT license is the license provided by the Department of Transportation and authorizes a moving company to do legal business. If the moving company you are talking to does not have a DOT license or it their license has an expired look for a different company to use. They should also have a Motor Carrier (MC) license as well. Be sure to ask for these numbers and check them out.

 * Lots of Complaints – if the company has a history of many complaints against them you may want to reconsider using them.

 * No Actual Address – be wary if the company you are looking at does not have a physical address or only operates out of a post office box number or a rented mailbox. A good moving company will have a physical address where they keep their fleet of trucks and store belongings that are being held or are in transit.

Doing your due diligence to ensure that the local movers in Denver that you use are on the up and up will save you from heartache and financial problems during your move.

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