Reasons to Visit a Dentist in Haleiwa, HI

If you are visiting any of the Hawaiian islands or are a resident, you may come upon a time when you need the services of a dentist right away. If you are a visitor, the appointment may not keep until you return to the mainland. If that is the case, there is a Dentist in Haleiwa who will make a way to take care of your emergency whether it is to repair a chipped tooth or take care of an emergency extraction. These are some of the other dental issues to keep in mind that you may need to take advantage of.

• Cosmetic dentistry is big business for the dental industry these days. People are trying to brighten their smiles and improve their images. Cosmetic dentists handle problems such as stained teeth, teeth with wide gaps between or teeth that need to be filled in. Procedures such as tooth-whitening treatment, clear braces aligners, and composite fillings fall into this category.

• Periodontal disease is also an issue that is on the rise. A lot of people suffer from this disease from an early age. A dentist that specializes in periodontal care would provide such treatment to help restore the teeth and gums.

• General dentistry is another major dental procedure of which all people should take advantage at least twice a year. There is the need to be seen for routine dental exams to check for teeth outages, X-Rays that will give a more detailed analysis of what is going on inside the mouth, and teeth cleaning that is done as routine maintenance.

• Other things you can get done are dental implants, partials, and dentures.

The Dental Office of Howard Carrico III, DDS has been providing services to residents and visitors of Kailua, Haleiwa, and other areas throughout the Hawaiian Islands for several years. The services of the clinic range from dental bridges to Invisalign clear braces to the root canals. The clinic emphasizes preventative dental care as well as restorative dentistry. All of this is to benefit the patient’s main goal: a nice, beautiful smile.

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