Reasons to Hire a Tax Preparer in Brooklyn

When tax season is right around the corner, a tax preparer can keep you from making a serious mistake or missing out on beneficial deductions. A pile of unfamiliar forms may be dumped in your lap this year and you should not have to deal with them on your own. Calling in reinforcements can be a serious decision that may make or break your tax return this year. Approximately 60% of taxpayers use the help of tax professionals to ensure that their refunds are as high as possible. In some cases, their help can help you discover money you never knew could be deducted.

Mistakes on a Previous Return

If you find mistakes on a past year’s tax return within three years, a tax preparer in Brooklyn can help you file an amended return and minimize the damage caused. If you are worried about a serious mistake, you should always call a professional to ensure that any mistakes are dealt with before three years pass. A trained expert will look at your previous returns and determine whether a mistake was made and will know how to file for an amendment.


Even if you were officially married on December 25, your marital status as of December 31 determines your status for that year’s tax filing. If you got married last year, you should call a tax preparer to help get the right advice on adjusting your withholding amount and whether you should file jointly or separately.

Each situation is different, and it is not always best to file separately. If you have one spouse with a large capital loss carryover and another with a large gain, it is more beneficial to file jointly. Whatever is the best option, a professional will help you get the job done right with fewer interruptions and frustrations. You deserve the chance to make as much on your return as possible.

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