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Reasons Student Housing Is Better Than Regular Rentals

When you decide to leave the dorms and branch out on your own, you get many benefits. Renting an apartment gives your additional space, more responsibility, and increased freedom. Although you know that these are advantages you want to gain, you may question if you should try traditional or student housing to get them. There benefits for both of these living situations. However, while in college, any area that caters to students may be the best. Continue reading to discover reasons why student apartments are better than regular rentals.


Your focus can be centered around perks that come with living away from campus, but you must continue with a support system while working towards your degree. Student apartments in Athens, GA, allow you to interact with other students, so you have the assistance and companionship necessary to succeed. Instead of being in an apartment alone, you can have like-minded neighbors that can help with school-related issues.


With a regular apartment, you can live on your own, or have friends as roommates. In these situations, one of you has to sign the lease while others give their word to pay the rent. If someone changes their mind and leaves, you could be stuck with the entire amount on your own. But, student apartments in Athens, GA, come with individual leases for each person within the apartment. Because of that, you are only responsible for paying for your costs and not for anyone else.

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