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Reading Truck Bodies: The Rise of Aluminum

The truck body industry has grown rapidly since the first small workshops opened. Today, the industry incorporates some of the latest technology to manufacture products that reflect high quality and durability. In this business, Reading truck bodies have a high reputation for delivering highly valued results.

Reading: Refining Truck Bodies Since 1955

If a contractor or a fleet manager wants the best truck body possible, it should be a Reading. Founded in 1955 in Reading, PA, the company has focused on producing high quality work truck bodies. The applications of their products serve the needs of various industries including:




Oil and gas




At Reading, concerns extend not only towards supplying their customers with a superior product but also towards the environment. The primer and powder coating systems are eco-friendly. Yet, they still provide the best protection possible against such things as corrosion. These methods also ensure the finish is long lasting.

Choosing Aluminum

Reading truck bodies, today, come in one of two metals:

1. A60 coated weight galvannealed steel

2. Corrosion-resistant heavy-duty aluminum

While steel remains extremely popular, the use of aluminum is gaining in the truck body industry. This may come as a surprise to many, but not to those in the company who understand the increased interest in aluminum. They know aluminum is:

Corrosion resistant

Creates less wear-and-tear on suspension and brakes

Lighter than steel, therefore, decreasing fuel costs and favorably affecting legal payload and insurance

However, the initial expense of aluminum does restrict who purchase aluminum truck bodies over steel ones.

Reading Truck Bodies

Reading manufactures quality reading truck bodies for various industries. Currently, the major preference is for steel bodies. However, aluminum Reading truck bodies are making considerable strides in the market. In fact, for certain models, sales have gone up around 50%. This is a clear indication that, while steel may still rule, aluminum is beginning to lay claims to the throne.

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