Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Chicago Company For Large Format Printing

There are many different ways to use large format print services to add style, color, art and imaging to any type of home, office or business. Most often large format printing is seen as a cost-effective option for businesses for promotions and advertising, but it can also be used to create posters or large images for framing and decorative purposes.

If you are interested in printing large items such as posters, banners or signs, it will be important to find the right printing company to get the job done. Unfortunately, not all Chicago companies marketing this service are actually going to be able to provide quality printing, so doing your homework and asking the right questions will be essential.

Equipment Used

It is always a good idea to ask the printer what equipment will be used to print the large format material you need. The company should be able to provide you with information on the type of equipment as well as the dimensions they are able to print.

With any large format printing, you want the images to be as crisp, clear and clean as you would expect with smaller sized print jobs. This takes specialized printing equipment and software that allows the enhancement of the image or text at the larger size.

It is also important to verify the printing will be on one seamless background and not printed and then put together. With the seamless printing the banner, poster or sign will be much stronger, more durable and will look very professional.

Color Options

The new generation of printing equipment, even for large format printing, allows for very precise colors and image reproduction. When the banner, poster or sign is going to use one or two colors this is less of a concern, but even with a limited number of colors you want them to be vibrant, clear and rich.

Ask to see samples of large format printing the company has completed in the past. These may be online in gallery or portfolio, or the company may also provide references or samples for you to see at their offices.

The best of these Chicago printing companies will also offer stands and display options for their large format banners and posters. This makes it easy to simply place your order and pick up the final product all ready to be displayed.

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