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Proven Methods for Turning Your Employees into Leaders

Problem-solving activities can be an excellent source of team building, no matter what industry your company is in. These games can help you learn who your team members are and how they work together. With team problem-solving activities, the team learns how to identify a problem, assess possible actions, and choose a way to come out on top.

We’ll explain a few conventional methods that you can incorporate into your team building to enhance the problem-solving abilities of everyone involved.

Identifying Leadership Traits

If you have a group, small or large, who seems to have the potential for leadership in your company, one way to bring that out is by incorporating an activity that forces them to see themselves as you do. Activities like Essence of Excellent from d’frens helps bring out exceptional teamwork, the potential for consensus building and allows your employees to identify what type of leader they are.

Creativity and Collaboration

Some team building problem solving and leadership games revolve around building something new in an unconventional way. With this type of activity, your workers would be broken into smaller groups and given the instructions to create something that is unrelated to what they do at work. They’re provided with materials to do so, but these might be unconventional and make the process difficult. This approach can push the workers to use their imagination and adapt to new things, both important traits for any future leader.

Business Simulations

Rather than throwing a worker straight to the manager, a simulation can be just the ticket to providing self-esteem. The person in question can realize their potential and become comfortable with having a more significant role. The simulation doesn’t have to portray the actual work of your company; it just needs to allow for employees to gain skills in strategic thinking, change management, and competitive analysis. One example of this would be PowerPlay, offered at d’frens, which involves all of these skills while using the fun game of Cricket as a theme.

More Team Building Ideas

At d’frens, we know that fostering leadership makes for a stronger company. That’s why we provide proven team building problem solving and leadership exercise to strengthen leadership in every team.

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