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Proper Filter Changing for Central Heating and Cooling Systems in Manassas VA

Residential Central Heating and cooling Systems in Manassas VA have many functions. These major appliances filter out undesirable substances such as dust, airborne bacteria, allergens, mold, and debris. They also control the level of moisture and temperature in a home. To perform these jobs, it’s necessary to do regular maintenance on a system. One of the most important maintenance steps is filter changing. The following guidelines can be used for this ongoing task.

A homeowner can use a reusable filter or a disposable filter on a central heating and cooling system. A reusable filter is typically made of metal or fiberglass. These types of filters cost more but can be used for about five years or more. A disposable filter is usually made of cardboard. A basic disposable filter can be purchased for about two to three dollars. More expensive disposable filters can be purchased that offer higher levels of filtration.

To change a filter, a person should first locate the filter compartment. This section of the system is typically in the return air duct or around the furnace. A person can hold her hand in front of air ducts in the home until she finds one that is drawing in air. This is the return air duct. The fasteners and access panel to this section should be removed and set to the side. The filter should then be slid out. A reusable filter should be taken outside for cleaning. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove a majority of the material on the filter. After, a person should use a chosen cleaner to remove the rest of the debris. A disposable filter should be replaced about every three months.

By using these suggestions, a person can have a home with enhanced indoor air quality. This can help household occupants who have compromised health. It can also protect indoor assets from contaminants such as toxins in the air. For more information on filters or questions about Heating and cooling Systems in Manassas VA, a homeowner can talk to the professionals at Woody’s Sudden Service Heating & Cooling. A person can also find useful information at WoodysSuddenService.net.

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