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Pro Tips: How to Avoid Expensive Emergency AC Repair in Chicago

Emergency AC repair in Chicago has a reputation for being pricey, which is why many people put off calling for emergency repairs—much to their detriment. The best way to save money on emergency air conditioning repair is not to need the service in the first place. Here are some tips to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Maintain the Air Conditioning System

Maintenance is the #1 way to keep the emergency plumber away. Most major AC repairs result from inadequate maintenance. Fortunately, taking care of an AC unit isn’t that difficult. Households just have to remember to do it.

First, start by changing the air filter every month. Some filters can last 60-90 days, but most need changing every 30 days. Set a calendar reminder to change the air filter and experience better AC performance and fewer repairs.

It’s also a good idea to schedule seasonal maintenance with local HVAC professionals. Before the cooling season begins, have a technician give the AC system a tune-up to lubricate parts, check for minor issues, and recalibrate the system for optimal performance.

Don’t Ignore Problems

AC units rarely stop working suddenly. They almost always show signs of problems before they break down completely. Households should pay attention to poor cooling, warm air from vents, odd sounds, foul odors, and units that run continuously or never complete a cycle.

When emergency AC repair in Chicago is unavoidable, the best way to save money on repairs is to call professionals who fix the problem right the first time. For dependable AC repair in the area, check out Heatmasters Heating & Cooling online by visiting their website now.

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