Preventing DUI Charges from Having a Compelling Impact on Life with a DUI Lawyer in Chicago

There are stringent DUI laws in the country. The charges start from lofty fines to license suspension for an indefinite length of time to time spent in jail. Many convictions can be ousted and allow the defendant to have a chance to make it right. With DUI being such a serious offense, an experienced DUI Lawyer in Chicago should be hired for help. DUI legal advocates can help clients get their license reinstated, have charges dismissed or reduced, or retain their driving privileges. If a client chooses to plead guilty, a DUI Lawyer in Chicago uses his or her dexterity of the law to avoid the maximum punishment.

There are times when the officer charging someone with DUI conducted their evaluation improperly. The officer may have not had reasonable cause to pull the driver over. Breathalyzer test results could be inaccurate and not admissible in court. The officer may not have had good reason to proceed with an arrest. The rights of the driver could have been violated in some way. When clients deliver information about the arrest to their lawyers, they should present all details leading to the arrest. Lawyers can determine if officers are following proper traffic protocol when the steps they took are relayed in sequential order.

Those charged with DUI will go through an administrative and criminal charge evaluation. The administrative process can end with a revoked license. A DUI lawyer can support and represent clients in both phases of the case. If there is a conviction, legal advocates do what they can to mollify the impact it has on the life of the client.

Those with DUI convictions can take steps to reclaim good standing. As a start, the vehicle of a convicted DUI offender can be equipped with a breathalyzer. The driver is required to use the breathalyzer before the ignition can start. If the device does not detect unacceptable levels of intoxication, the driver can proceed. The readings of the breathalyzer are logged and available to be reviewed by officers of the court at any time. A convicted DUI driver can also prove to be responsible if there are no repeat charges over a long period of time. Schedule an appointment with John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. for a consultation.

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